Sunday, March 17, 2013

Done: "Gun Guys" by Dan Baum

Done: Gun Guys: a road trip by Dan Baum, 2013, 9780307595416.

I don't have much to comment on here.  Baum and I are in agreement on most everything.   It's lonely being a non-Republican gun owner.  Gun owners will often times eat their own rather than discuss alternate views or tactics.  Condescending attitudes neither convert nor convince.

Baum did a fine amount of work researching stats and reports and goes over these in his notes section.

1.  One hypocrisy that Baum points out is that many gun owners extoll individual responsibility and staying out of other people's lives.  Those same people will then oppose gay marriage and demand prayer in school.
2.  I have not read the full notes section (and won't bother to finish, either) but he writes this truth, "Anybody interested in wasting many hours could visit - the International Movie Firearms Database - which attempts to list every firearm used in every is one of those realms of arcana that the internet was practically invented to foster."
3. Baum does err in the above entry.  The website is the Internet Movie Firearms Database.  I've read many times before about authors who get mail pointing out their gun errors.  I suppose Baum has received plenty of that.
4. I could write much more but I am tired.

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