Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meh: "Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne" by Grant Morrison

Meh: Batman: the return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison (and many artists), 2001 (compilation comic), 9781401233822.

Kurt Busiek and Victor Gischler are the only reliable comic book novel guys for me.  This has Batman sent back in time worth memory loss.  He bips and bops along the timeline landing in the Gotham region from caveman era, to 1600s witch hunts, to 1800s gunslingers, to 1950s gangsters.  He always survives and prevails.

Meanwhile, other superheroes are trying to find Batman.  Or stop him.  Or something.  Apparently some evil dude sent Batman back in time and Batman is collecting some negative end-the-world radiation, or some bullshit I did not give a flying fuck about.

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