Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finished: "Creepers" by Joanne Dahme

Finished: Creepers by Joanne Dahme, 2008,9780762433131.

I cannot find the damn book. Where did I put that thing?  Maybe it's with the rest of the overdue books I need to scare up.

Courtney and her mother and father move into an old house in Murmur, MA.  The house is covered in ivy and right next to an old cemetery.  The house used to be the caretaker's house.

Courtney meets Margaret Geyer and her father Christian in the cemetery.  The girls are the same age, thirteen-years-old.  C and M hit it off.  Mr. Geyer is embarrassing to an early teen girl with his weird clothes and earnest manner.  The Geyers have been researching the cemetery for quite a while.

C finds a connection between the ivy and the death of a girl.  The Geyers have been researching the dead girl.  The Geyers are related to the dead girl.  C resolves to help find the girl's missing body.  Blah blah blah.  Story of dead girl and her father and witch from 400 years ago. Ivy growing on house is bewitched.  Carved ivy in basement starts to spread.  Girl's grave found and Geyers disappear.  Geyers may have been ghosts or spirits.

1.  Not scary.  The witch part was nice but not creepy.  She was a good witch anyway.
2.  C's parents had a prominent role but I did not care much about them.
3.  I checked this out because I liked the cover, the green colored pages, the illustrated photos, the newspaper article excerpts in front of the chapters.

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