Thursday, February 16, 2012

Viewed: "Once Upon An Island" by Richard Quinney

Viewed: Once Upon An Island by Richard Quinney, 2011, 9780981562063.

Photography book with two short sections of text. Quinney moved to New York City in the 1960s and took lots of photos. Quinney loved living in NYC after farm life in Wisconsin and took his camera everywhere.

After Quinney left the city his slides and negatives followed him to every new home. He looked through after the images after 9/11. Quinney had spent many weekends photographing the construction of the World Trade Center and was emotionally struck after seeing the photos. So, he published his work.

1. I'm not a photographer. The artistry in this kind of work goes right by me.
2. I do like nudes though.
3. Many photos have people carrying or reading newspapers. Were newspapers so prevalent in city life at that time or was this chance? Did Quinney like to take photos of people reading or carrying things? I suppose there were still several dailies published during that time.
4. The photos made me think how so many things never change.
4.a. People wear clothes, go to work, talk to one another, protest in parades.
4.b. People eat hot dogs, dump trucks are filthy, American flag decals are on car windows.
4.c. Buildings are demolished, buildings are built, people drink beer.
4.d. People go and look at the Trade Center site.
5. The color photos connected me to the place and people much more than the black and white ones.

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