Monday, February 13, 2012

Read: "Return to Perdition" by Max Allan Collins

Read: Return to Perdition by Max Allan Collins, art by Terry Beatty, 2011, 9781401223830.

Comic book novel. Third and presumably last in the series. Or so I thought. I just checked Collin's webpage and there are a few other tales packed in there. Now I have to find those.

Michael Satariano, Jr. is the son of Michael who was a kid in Road to Perdition. Michael joins the Army and goes to Vietnam. Michael is captured in 1973 and imprisoned in Laos. Michael and otehrs are rescued in a black op. Michael is kept isolated. Michael is told his father, mother, and sister were murdered by the mob after the dad turned evidence.

Michael is recruited to get back against the mob in a CIA black op. Michael trains at FBI academy and then starts assassinating mobsters. Michael's last hit is supposed to be mob hanger in Florida. Michael becomes his driver/bodyguard. Michael falls for his niece. Michael cannot kill mobster when niece around. Michael and niece flee when mobster catches her blowing him.

Michael gets one more assignment to kill a priest. Priest is Michael's father post-plastic surgery. Joyous reunion occurs. Joyous reunion interrupted by a hit team. Michael and dad team up. Michael and recently ordained dad are deadly. Things turn out just dandy for everyone but the dead guys.

1. This was more short story than novel and well done.
2. BBC 6 Music is playing Nick Lowe. So it goes.
3. Set in the '70s with lots of sideburns.
4. I liked this art better than the work in Perdition.
5. I saw some anachronisms. At least I think they were anachronisms. I was 8 years old in 1979.
6. Someone in France keeps returning to my blog comments on Perdition and Purgatory. I have no idea why. Maybe they will land here as well.
7. Michael, Jr. grew up as a mob kid but was well insulated from the crime. Michael, Jr. is not the mess that Michael, Sr. was as a younger man. Road to Paradise has Michael, Sr. and the sister on the road like in Perdition. I wonder how young the sister character was in that one and the effects on her.

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