Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finished Few Days Ago: "Cluck" by Susan Troller

Finished A Few Days Ago: Cluck: from jungle fowl to city chicks by Susan Troller, art by SV Medaris, 2011, 9780981516134.

A committee read. Much more interesting than I expected. Various stories by Troller and a couple other writers about raising chickens. These are small flocks for personal consumption of eggs and meat - but mostly eggs.

Chickens are stupid but have much more personality and behavioral tics than I ever knew. The pecking order among different species is odd, too. One cock was a mean mofo and would attack anything. Except for one certain cat. Anyone carrying that cat through the barnyard was assured of safety from the cock. The intelligence of raccoons to get chickens. All dogs will inevitably stop resisting the urge to chase and chomp chicks and chickens. Hawks and eagles cause a scurrying of fowl.

A couple stories by a grown-up farm kid were about his family more than the fowl. Stoller had interesting comments comparing chickens to velociraptors. Chickens will eat anything and will cannibalize when given the opportunity. Stoller would look at her chickens with a fondness and could, seemingly, feel that same affection from them. But, she would look in their beady little eyes and remember that, given the chance, the little bastards would eat her.

Some of the artwork by Medaris was quite impressive. Especially since I don't give a rat's ass about chicken paintings.

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