Monday, January 30, 2012

Done: "The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse" by Mabel Maney

Done: The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse by Mabel Maney, 1993, 093941676x.

I saw the novel's cover illustration online. Probably something Christa Faust linked to. I'm surprised the book was in the catalog; Watertown owns it. According to the book bio and wikipedia Maney is from WI. I presume much of the book bio is silliness.

If you read this in expectation of hot lesbo action you will be disappointed. If you read this in expectation of a silly mix of lesbian characters and Nancy Drew detective fiction you will be happy.

Cherry Aimless is a new nurse in Seattle General Hospital circa 1955 or so. Cherry is incredibly earnest and devoted to her work. No matter how much her mother hopes her to find a man the doctors and interns just don't interest her. A Seattle General patient has amnesia and Cherry is sure she can sleuth her identity but then the patient goes missing! Oh dear!

Cherry is due to vacation in San Francisco and visit her aunt. The head nurse requests Cherry drop off a gift in Oregon during her drive. Cherry is followed by mysterious men. Men try to steal away the gift. Cherry visits her parents and then goes to Oregon town to drop gift. Cherry lost the address and is directed to a bar to ask around. How strange, all the bar patrons are women. One women seems particularly interested in Cherry. How darling!

Cherry meets a gal who looks just like her and then meets that gal's close friend and roommate. They are the people she is looking for. What a coincidence! New friend is mistaken for Cherry and is kidnapped! Oh no!

Cherry and roommate head to SF. Cherry searches for famous girl detective Nancy Clue who is visiting SF. Cherry and Nancy meet and head back to Nancy's hotel. (Presumably hot lesbo action happens.) Cherry's aunt is missing. Nuns are involved. Priests are involved. Men are so crude, foul, and rude! More mystery. Kidnappings. Derring do. Plucky teenager involved. Nuns are rescued from scheming priests.

Cherry heads to parent's house to nurse her injured father. Cherry misses Nancy terribly. Nancy and co. come to town to enlist Cherry to solve new and urgent mystery.

1. Silliness of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries. Lots of coincidences and plucky action.
2. Cherry's dad is a bump on a log who returns home from work and sits in a chair until dinner and bedtime.
3. Many descriptions of clothes and shoes. How cute!
4. Good natured earnestness and optimism.
5. Sex puns.
6. This only numbers 184 pages and I thought it went about 20-30 pages too long.


Todd Mason said...

Campy, but I find these amiable. My lesbian best friend turned me onto them; I turned her onto Jaime Hernandez and Roberta Gregory comix. I think she got a better deal, but that's the way the pop cult goes.

Gerard Saylor said...

A book like this seems a cinch to be made into a series. But, I reckon the audience is kinda small, and how far can the parody go before it dries up?