Monday, August 8, 2011

Quickly Read: "Slocum and the Invaders" by Jake Logan

Quickly Read: Slocum and the Invaders by Jake Logan (Don't know real name), 1994, 0425141829.

This was heartily recommended by James Reasoner a couple weeks ago. This copy came from Hayward, WI.

Slocum is riding through Northern Arizona at the night. He hears metal on metal, pulls his rifle, sees what seems to be a rifle on a tripod. He confronts the man and finds out the object is a telescope manned by an astronomer and his hot, and horny, female assistant.

Shots are fired. Slocum drives the shooter off. Shooter is a guy who tried to hang Slocum 21 days ago. Hot assistant begs Slocum to protect her and older astronomer. She pays in gold and gash. (Couldn't resist that alliteration.)

Things happen. Bad guys. Indians. Mysterious lights at night. Astronomer is Lowell and he loves Mars. Let us cut to the wonderful excerpts:

To his rigid surprise, Slocum found himself nodding yes, just as her soft, long fingers found the root of his love shaft, then climbed subtly up to grasp his head and cover it, just as his cum load shot forth, making both he and Myra gasp in pleasure.


Slocum went to work, driving in and then almost pulling out before driving home again. Myra's moans began to build. She was tight but lubricated inside, a perfect love machine, and Slocum found himself marveling at her perfect body, breasts standing out like red-tipped cones, belly as flat as a board.
"Let it go now!" Myra huffed fiercely, and Slocum found himself willing to oblige, his cock swelling with readiness.
"Yes!" Myra commanded, and at that moment Slocum let her have what she wanted, driving high and deep as his sex gun fired a mighty blast inside her. He thought she would explode, her mouth opening wide in a silent scream of pleasure, her green eyes growing huge, and even more fiery as she clutched his buttocks, clawing into him with each shot of his cum machine.
And then suddenly in the middle of it she fired off her own volley, her body tightening like a spring, arching, her nether triangle heaving, rivers of fluid riding up and down around Slocum's shaft, driving him to even more orgasm, a final mighty burst of white love juice that drove her back on the ground, making her pull her hands from him to cover her mouth and keep from screaming out in ecstasy.

1. "Rock hard love weapon."
2. "Mighty burst of white love juice."
3. Reasoner did not list the author's real name. Too bad.

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