Friday, August 5, 2011

Listened to: "Without Fail" by Lee Child

Listened to: Without Fail by Lee Child, 2002, downloaded from

Short version: Reacher found. Reacher introduced to problem. Reacher bangs hot chick. Reacher solves problem. Reacher hits the bricks.

Long version: Reacher found by Secret Service gal in charge of Vice President-elect's security detail. Gal was former girlfriend of Reacher's dead brother, Joe. Reacher hired to test VP-elect's security. Reacher hires a former gal Sergeant colleague, even more skilled than he is, to help with the "audit".

Reacher and Sgt. test security and find flaws. Of course they find flaws, the protection job is impossible to a determined assassin. Reacher analyzes. Reacher is tough. Reacher suspects a real threat is behind the audit. Reacher and gal continue to work as new threats against VP-elect come in. Sec. Ser. gal still hot for Joe. SS Gal transfers that to Reacher. She and Reacher do deed.

Attempt on VP-elect fails. Security ratcheted up. Investigation to find assassins continues. Reacher analyzes. Reacher is tough. Second attempt on VP-elect kills SS Gal. Reacher pledges revenge. Reach analyzes again. Reacher questions. Reacher sets up opportunity to get assassins.

Reacher and Sgt. head to rural Wyoming memorial for SS Gal. Reacher analyzes. Reacher is tough. Reacher and Sgt find and kill assassins. Reacher hits the bricks.

1. Steyr GB love. Again.
2. Child loves rural settings in both the U.S. and England. Is that an English thing? The wide open spaces of the U.S. versus the short distances of the UK?
3. Rural WY ambush not hampered by crowds. Bullshit. What cop funeral/memorial does not have a 100 or more uniformed officers attend a cop funeral?
4. Constant conflict between military Reacher and civilian authority. Reacher still makes comparisons between civilian and military life. How the justice systems differ, he had more control and power as an Army MP versus civilian cop, the freedom of movement allowed to the protected VP, rules for prisoner interrogation. On one hand Reacher has disdain for civilian work ethic and abilities. On the other hand, he bolted from military life.
5. Reacher is lacking in sentiment. He does not care for beatitudes and memorials - his brother's place in the Treasury Department's LEO memorial the prime example.
6. Narrator gives a whiny voice to theSgt.
7. I was wrong on the culprit. This is not a mystery with the culprit introduced early on. The bad guys do not appear until very late in the novel.
8. Lack of continuity among the novels. Or does Child pick different aspects to focus on? One book discusses Reacher never needing a watch and being able to tell accurate time whenever he needs to. This book has him checking his watch. Another novel has detail on Reacher's sturdy, made in England shoes he can only get from a special shop in London. This one has him wearing other shoes.

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