Friday, April 8, 2011

Finished: "The Reversal" by Michael Connelly

Finished: The reversal by Michael Connelly, 2010, 9780316069489.

Defense attorney Mickey Haller is asked by the LA County District Attorney himself to be a special prosecutor. A convicted child murderer has been granted a new trial and blame placed on the DA from 30 years ago. The current DA wants to distance himself from the case and the huge publicity the case is getting.

Haller takes the case so he can show his daughter he doesn't work for scumbags only. Haller gets the DA to assign Haller's ex wife and Harry Bosch to the case. Haller legalizes. Bosch re-investigates the case and tracks witnesses. Things happen.

Murderer is let out on bail and constantly followed by LAPD's SIS. Murderer's actions draw suspicions he may have killed others. Much gamesmanship and conniving by Haller and the defense attorney.

1. This is a straightforward legal and procedural novel. I expected a big twist at the end - and Connelly hung out the possibility - and there was none. There was a small twist though.
2. Do SIS really carry those Kimbers that Kimber was crowing about a few years ago? Does Kimber make that model anymore? Nope, I just checked and the model was discontinued. SIS gets a lot of suspicion as a kill squad and naming the gun, and the SIS shaped slide serrations, was not positive press.
3. The story is split between Mickey and Harry in the second person. Maybe the ex-wife was in there but I do not recall.
4. Long nights and hours for Detective Bosch. Bosch is a character I have not followed.
5. A well told tale and Connelly's insight and exposure of day-to-day legal practices always draws me back to the series.

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