Friday, April 8, 2011

DNF: "A Short History of Wisconsin" by Erika Janik

DNF: A Short History of Wisconsin by Erika Janik, 2010, 9780870204401.

I read 44 pages and lost interest. I may have kept with the book but have other things waiting.

I liked hearing about the early years with the mixture of Indian, French, English and others. Early WI and IL history and the extent of French influence interests me. As a Boy Scout I visited the rebuilt Fort De Chartres and liked the place. It feels odd to me seeing non-British, foreign influence predating the U.S..

1. Maybe I should have read further into Prohibition. WI is such a beer state and populated with so many Germans and I wonder how well things went.
2. Culture clash of immigrants. Foreign languages, newspapers in foreign languages, bias against certain countries and not others. Fast forward to 2010 and it's the same thing. That issue always reminds of this cartoon.
3. I pulled a hangnail and bled on my keyboard.

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