Sunday, September 19, 2010

Listened to: Two Bear Mambo by Joe R. Lansdale

Listened to: Two Bear Mambo by Joe R. Lansdale, 2009 audio of 1995 novel, 9781423384328.

Third Hap and Leonard novel. I bought this from Landmark Audio a while ago and listened to it when driving to Ashland, WI and back.

On Christmas Eve Leonard burns down his neighbors house for the third time while thoroughly thumping some of the tenants. Leonard does not like crack houses. Hap shows up and is arrested with Leonard. Their cop friend says he will get the charges to disappear if they go to Grovetown and look for the cop's missing girlfriend, Florida. Hap used to date Florida and still carries a torch for her. Hap and Leonard head to the racist cesspool of Grovetown. Hap and Leonard make enemies. Hap and Leonard make "friends". Lansdale writes many dick jokes and makes dick and testicle references. Leonard pines for his boyfriend. Hap and Leonard bond some more. Hap and Leonard are beat senseless. Hap and Leonard are ambushed. Hap avoids killing people, Leonard does not. Hap and Leonard go home to recover physically and emotionally. Hap and Leonard return to Grovetown. Hap and Leonard find out what happened to Florida.

1. Leonard is a difficult person to get along with.
2. Lansdale compares fictional Grovetown to the real-life klan stronghold of Vidor, TX. I once stopped for gas in Vidor. I never would have spent money there but my tank was empty and I did not want to walk.
3. Lansdale loves dick jokes.
4. This was a good book. I liked it. The narrator did a very good job.
5. Did I mention the dick jokes?
6. I forgot what else.

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