Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Finished: "Delta Blues" edited by Carolyn Haines

Just Finished: Delta Blues edited by Carolyn Haines, 2010, 9781935562061.

I got this for free from Tyrus Books when responding to a "contest" on the twitter.

Short stories with a focus on characters in Mississippi who either play the blues or are fans. The crossroads myth is a common theme among the writers. Four writers have prison tales. Repetition of the crossroads myth got tedious. Either the writers referenced Robert Johnson or created a character who made a deal with the devil.

Daniel Martine's crossroads story was the best because his devil is a not-too-bright con man. I liked that the devil's power was more myth and fear than power. That the devil's mark questioned whether the devil fulfilled his end of the contract or if the mark did it all himself.

Mary Suarns had a nice cop story with a Chicago cop moving back south and becoming a Sheriff.

John Grisham had a good story about a couple ex-con brothers and their mom going to the third brother's execution in the gas chamber. I have only read one Grisham novel, The Pelican Brief, and it sucked. Maybe I'll try another novel of his.

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