Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Read: "The Big O" by Declan Burke

Read: The Big O by Declan Burke, 2007, 9780151014088.

This hit a best-of list so I reserved it. The book was good but not great. Karen does armed robbery for fun and money. Ray has quit his job as a kidnapper for a loanshark. Frank the surgeon wants his ex-wife kidnapped so he can steal the insurance provided ransom and avoid the insolvency of a lawsuit. Rossi is a slimy turd recently released from prison.

All the stories tie together through coincidence and action. The "Big O" refers to the muzzle of a gun. A good tale told through multiple perspectives. Burke did that multiple narration really well.

Also includes: half-dog and half-wolf who hates Rossi, Rossi's narcoleptic friend, Frank's ex-wife who ends up being orphan Ray's mother, a .44 auto in England?, single lady cop hot for Ray, love and infatuation between Ray and Karen.

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