Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finished: "Dead-Tossed Waves" by Carrie Ryan

Finished: The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan, 2010, 9780385736848.

A sequel to, and remake of, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. A major chick book with all sorts of loose ends to produce more chick books.

Teenage girl Gabry lives in a seaside town. On the other side of the wall is an abandoned amusement park from before "The Return". One night she and her pals go over the protective wall around her village and several kids are bitten by zombies.

Gabry escapes back over the wall but two others die and the rest are arrested. Those arrested are to be sent into the military. Gabry goes back over to find her missing would-be boyfriend. Boyfriend ends up being one of the one-in-a-million people with zombie immunity.

Gabry meets Other Guy on wrong side of wall. Bizarre love triangle ensues. Gabry finds her mother, Mary (the lead from Forest), actually adopted her after finding her in forest paths as child. Gabry, would-be-boyfriend, Other Guy, and would-be-boyfriend's sister flee arrest and capture by going into the forest paths. Love triangle continues in forest paths. Group is pursued by military types.

Ryan takes the formula from before and runs it again. Disaffected teen girl, zombies, young love, "which guy do I choose?" The most interesting part is at the end when Gabry and would-be-boyfriend discover a valley filled - FILLED - with zombies. The zombies shove back and forth as though an ocean of zombies.

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