Thursday, August 6, 2009

Read: "Hunt at the Well of Eternity" by James Reasoner

Read: Hunt at the Well of Eternity by James Reasoner, 2009, 9780843962468.

Is there anything that Reasoner cannot do? I ordered this one after seeing a blurb on Christa Faust's blog that she will be doing a book in this new series from Hard Case. Although this is published under the name Leisure Books. This is a loving takeoff of old adventure pulp novels but with present day setting. This reminded me of Mack Bolan books which, I suppose, are part of that continuum of men's adventure novels. Lots of action scenes, exotic hot chicks, international travel, and rich guys.

Gabriel Hunt, and his brother Michael of the Hunt Foundation, are attending a party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A hot latin chick approaches Michael with a cloth wrapped bundle but is attacked by a waiter. Other waiters draw guns and start shooting. Gabriel fights a big guy waiter and girl is kidnapped.

Michael and Gabriel steal away the remains of the girl's bundle. Clues from bundle send Gabriel to Florida. Gabriel attacked on way out of NYC, Gabriel attacked twice in Florida, Gabriel goes to Mexico City, Gabriela and a second hot Mexican chick from a museum are attacked by Evil Guy's assassins, Gabriel and Hot Chick 2 are on the run to Southern Mexico, Gabriel and Hot Chick 2 are attacked in Chiapas, Gabriel is in bull whip fight (with indirect reference to Indiana Jones as a real person), Hot Chick 2 and Gabriel share fluids, Gabriel and Hot Chick 2 battle evil bad guy, Gabriel and Hot Chick 2 and Hot Chick 1 are captured by evil bad guy, Gabriel and Hot Chick 1's village defeat Evil Bad Guy.

Fun stuff with the legend of the Fountain of Youth's real source credited to Central America where former Confederate soldiers from the Civil War have been living for 150 years thanks to the water. Hot Chick 1 was bringing a water sample to be tested by the Hunt Foundation with hope the Foundation would bankroll more research. Interesting tale of Confederates refusing surrender and fleeing to Mexico.

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