Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finished a Few Minutes Ago: "Renegades" by T. Jefferson Parker

Finished a Few Minutes Ago: Renegades by T. Jefferson Parker, 2009, 9780525950950.

Another fine bit of work by Parker. This is the second Charlie Hood novel and Hood is just as interesting in this one as in L.A. Outlaws.

Hood still works for the LASD after the Allison Murietta case in L.A. Outlaws where Hood was alternately chasing and courting Allison. Hood requested a transfer to the high desert of Antelope Valley. Hood loves to drive and the wide-open spaces soothe him and remind him of Bakersfield where grew up.

Hood is partnered one night with Terry Laws. Hood and Laws go to assist a housing authority inspection at a local home. After getting back in their car a gunman - armed with a 249 SAW for fucksakes - rips off a hundred or so rounds into Laws while Hood dives out the door. Before Hood can get a shot off the gunman has split. Hood gets a temporary transfer to IAD and is assigned to the murder case.

Hood looks into Laws background to find a suspect. He sees that Hood had a lot of expensive property and digs deeper to see Laws was depositing about $7k in cash every weekend. He sees that Laws and a Reserve Deputy, Draper, are both looking crooked.

Things happen: Hood digs a DA. Hood goes driving his old IROC, Hood tries to sway Allison's son to the light side, Red Herring goes on the lam, Hood goes driving, Draper fills in background in tale to Allison's son, Hood watches DA go drag racing in the Top Fuel class, Draper does dirty deeds with drug smugglers, Hood goes driving, Hood gets shot in Mexico and escapes by pure luck, Hood goes for a drive with DA.

Things that were BS: The final shootout between Hood and Draper. The interview with Allison's son and several Deputies. The Red Herring set-up with the 249 hidden in Red Herring's box spring.

A real good story by Parker: Neat looks into the different towns and cultures of L.A. county. The cost of a high end oil change (85 freaking dollars). Three neatly told gunfights. Dog love. Sociopathic thinking.

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