Monday, June 1, 2009

Read: "The Punisher: Punisher Max: Vol. 1" by Garth Ennis, Lewis Larosa, Leandro Fernandez

Read: The Punisher: Punisher Max, Vol. 1 by Garth Ennis, Lewis Larosa, Leandro Fernandez, 2005, 9780785118404.

A Library regular came in the other day and I told him we had some new Punisher comics (not this) come in. he asked if they were by Garth Ennis. So, apparently Ennis is the big guy in comics writing.

These were good. The art is impressive and the storylines were good. There was one storyline set in Hell's Kitchen with the Punisher taking on a bunch of young Irish thugs who've taken over the names of old gangs like The River Rats.

The other storyline has the Punisher taking on the Italian mob while being hunted by the government who wants to force or cajole him into hunting Bin Laden.

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