Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quit Reading: "Let's Spend the Night Together" by Pamela Des Barres

Quit Reading: Let's Spend the Night Together: backstage secrets of rock muses and supergroupies by Pamela De Barres, 2007, 9781556526688.

This sounded interesting even if it does seem to mostly cover events in the '60s and '70s - which do not interest me much.

Des Barres spoke to or interviewed a number of women who worked the rock star circuit by working rock stars' circuits. I quit reading after the first piece which read like a load of horseshit by the lady in question, Tura Satana.

Satana claimed to be Elvis' hidden and long term lover. She claims that Elvis' gave her an engagement ring and was going to marry her but the Colonel kept her away from Elvis'. It read like total bullshit with stripper Satana telling an elaborate lie. How many women did Elvis' pour the pork to? How could he have even kept count? And Satanal claims to be his true love and that Elvis' pined for her during his marriage? Baloney.

Des Barres seems to believe pretty much anything. Des Barres does no work to verify or fact-check anything and just eats up anything she is told. Des Barres admits to going all googly over any rock and roll guy - even Frank Zappa. Good Lord, did she actually look at Zappa?

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