Saturday, November 10, 2007

Read: "Winter Soldiers" by Garry Douglas Kilworth

Read: Winter Soldiers by Garry Douglas Kilworth, 2003 (U.S. Edition), 0786711116.

Fairly good. I reserved this after reading positive reviews of the series in Library Journal or Booklist. A rough description of the series is: Sharpe in the Crimean War.

Sergeant "Fancy Jack" Crossman joined the British Army after having enough abuse from his wealthy father. Crossman was part of the gentry but enlisted under an assumed name to disappear into the ranks. Crossman has been successfull as a soldier and is employed under a Colonel who sends Crossman and his small group out on "fox hunts". The "fox hunts" are sabotage and spying missions against the Russians.

The novel covers several months with Crossman going out on several missions. This was not a straightforward novel, more a collection of tales about Crossman's combat missions and rear area activities. The continuing theme in the novel is Crossman's odd position as a gentleman among enlisted rogues. He fears discovery by his father who is a Major in another unit. Crossman also has to deal with a now-married former girlfriend and his newly arrived female "cousin" from England. A romance never quite develops between the cousin and Crossman but I reckon that is for the next installment.

No damn maps included in the book. I hate that.

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