Monday, November 19, 2007

Read: "The Follower" by Jason Starr

Read: The Follower by Jason Starr, 2007, 9780312359744.

I was greatly impressed with Starr's writing after the first few pages. He did an excellent job with three very different characters. Andy the Frat Boy, Katie the Victim, and Peter the Stalker were all really well done. Starr wrote from the perspective of each character and did a great job in a short amount of space. Too bad the story petered out at the end.

Each character has their own misperceptions and delusions and it's fun to read how foolish or clueless they look from another character's perspective. Peter the Stalker is so convinced that Katie will immediately fall in love with him; he has everything plotted out like cheesy movie and is shock and confused with things do not work out as like his obsessive plans.

Andy has been dating Katie for a couple weeks. He really likes Katie but is more concerned about getting laid and holding up his ladies man reputation. Andy also has an obsession with doing anal and is angry at himself for never doing so. Starr has a funny bit where Andy is thinking back to two years previous when he was in college and was convinced one gal liked it in the ass. After Andy adn the girl get naked Andy pulls a small tube of vaseline out of his pocket and danglesit in front of her with a smile.

Almost all characters are Manhattan-ites in their twenties and say "cool" and "definitely" a lot.

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