Thursday, September 6, 2007

Re-Read: "Run, Boy, Run" by Uri Orlev

Re-Read: Run, Boy, Run by Uri Orlev, 2003, 0618164650.

Dirty fucking Nazis. Human garbage.

I re-read this for the Men's Book Club. When I first read this novel I considered it one of the best books I ever read. I was riveted to the story of 8 year old Jurek and his time growing up during World War Two in the Warsaw Ghetto and Polish countryside. (My notes from the first reading with plot description)

The book is still good - and I still rank it very high - but since I already knew the outcome and read of the horrendous things that Jurek overcame means I did not feel the same emotional impact as before. Damn dirty Nazis. What kind of a person intends to kill a nine year old boy? The Gestapo. Not to mention the the other close calls Jurek had with regular troops who shot at him.

Jurek's survival is amazing and his survival is due to a handful of kind people and Jurek's own personality, endurance, and tenacity. Orlev writes without a lot details and he doesn't go delve into Jurek's emotions and reactions. I liked that because it let my own reactions and emotion be in the forefront. I felt like more of a participant with Jurek rather than an observer.

Dirty, filthy Nazis.

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