Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Re-Read "Maus: a survivor's tale" by Art Spiegelman

Re-Read Maus: a survivor's tale by Art Spiegelman, 1986, 0394747232.

Great book. Damn Nazis. Re-read this for the Men's Book Club. I probably come away with different views and insights each time I read this.

One thing that strikes me is how people were just stuck having to accept things. So many opportunities to die and so many escapes from death. Spiegelman's dad was a bit of a wheeler-dealer and the contacts he made kept him alive many times.

Spiegelman asks his dad if the dad had to pay a relative to help him out of one jam. His dad says, "Hah! You don't understand... At that time it wasn't anymore families. It was everybody take care for himself." You never could know who to trust and what was safe. I wonder if I survived through something like that whether the need for revenge would be burning me.

Damn Nazis.

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