Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Read: "Rain Fall" by Barry Eisler

Read: Rain Fall by Barry Eisler, 2002, 045120915X.

Not nearly as good as Eisler's later novels which are damn good. But still good.

This is the introductory novel for John Rain before current characters Delilah and Dox. I was not too into this one because I already know the ending from reading later novels. I also know which characters stay alive for later novels.

Rain is not the eptiome of paranoia in Rain Fall like he is later on. Since Rain's cover is blown in this one - and he finds out that he has, at times, been a pawn by the CIA and others - his later paranoia makes more sense.

Rain Fall also reveals more about Rain's past than before. Since Rain is a series character a little bit more of his history is revealed in each successive novel. But, this one tells more about Rains Vietnam experience and his friend Crazy Jake.

This copy is the one I bought when I went to hear Eisler speak in Milwaukee earlier this month. I bought the paperback and Eisler signed it. I really enjoyed going and listening to him speak.

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