Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Never got to: "Twin Peaks: Behind the Scenes" by Mark Altman

Never got to: Twin Peaks: Behind the Scenes by Mark Altman, 1990, 1556982844.

I never read through this because I am hoping to rewatch the series. The second season just came out on DVD and I bought it for the Library. The first season came out in 2001 and the only place that has it is West Bend and I have not placed a reserve yet.

The book is neat with information on cast, creators, plot synopsis, etc. It's a straightforward fan book and kind of neat to look through because it is such a cash-in on the show's mania. I really enjoyed Twin Peaks but never had a Friday evening viewing party with stacked donuts and cherry pie. Those chicks were hot though. I loved that odd solo dance that Audrey did.

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