Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gave up on: "The Price of Honor" by Col. David H. Hackworth (Ret.)

Gave up on: The Price of Honor by Col. David H. Hackworth (Ret.), 1999, 0385491646.

I've read a couple Hackworth books before. I read his autobiography and a compilation of his columns and his commentary on foreign policy and military issues was always interesting. But, he should have hired a ghostwriter to clean this up.

His writing has odd shifts where a person is described in one spot and then, suddenly, seems to be at another. The dialogue is difficult to follow because the characters are not always clearly identified. The writing needed polishing.

The story follows Captain Caine of the U.S. Army. Caine's family history has soldiers all the way back to the Revolutionary War. The one black mark in that history was Caine's father who was killed in Vietnam and accused of cowardice. Is it true? Will Caine discover the truth while fighting through Sarajevo and Somalia? Will he bone the independent and feisty woman reporter? Will Caine family and huge political secrets be revealed? Hell if I know.

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