Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finished: "World War Z" by Max Brooks

Finished: World War Z by Max Brooks, 2006, 0307346609.

Pretty decent. I don't know why I took so long to finish a freaking zombie book. An oral 'history' of the 15 year Zombie War. Brooks even gives an acknowledgement to Studs Terkel. Really more a collection of short stories with multiple characters. Well done by Brooks.

I read a comment about this book where the reader would think, "Those poor people" and then remember she was reading a novel. Brooks never wavers from the book's conceit as a oral history, which is kind of neat Brooks makes the idea of zombies more believable than if written as a novel. Information on the Zombie plague and how Zombies behave is discussed as fact and history rather than sci-fi make believe.

Besides, Brooks covers the globe with 'interviews' from people in Antarctica, Ireland, China, Siberia and elsewhere. Brooks would have had to string together some Herman Wouk or W.E.B. Griffith style narrative if writing this as a novel and I bet the characters and story would have suffered.

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