Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kinda Read: "The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers" by Michael Newton

Kinda read: The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, 2nd edition by Michael Newton, 2006, 0816061963.

Very interesting, there are so many parallels among killers. Sexual abuse, alcoholic parents, family history of mental illness, physical abuse, signs of abnormal behaviour when young are all common. Getting caught for other crimes like burglary, theft and rape are usual as well. Attempted kidnapping and rape should be a red flag about anyone.

This got to be unsettling when sitting down and reading through several articles at once. Encyclopedia is much better digested one or two articles at a time.

A neat thing to do is read about these vile people and use the inmate locator searches available through most state corrections departments to see what they look like now. This book is a good argument for the death penalty.

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