Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just read: "The Right Madness" by James Crumley

Just Read: The Right Madness by James Crumley, 2005, 0670034061.

Another brilliant Crumley novel. Serpentine plotting with really good characters. People are not who they seem and their treacherous and insane behaviour is commonplace. Casual violence and conspiracy go hand in hand.

Next time I read a Crumley novel I'll need to keep better track of the characters though. The geographic distances and varied characters gave me trouble in remembering locations and names.

Right Madness sparks the return of CW Sughrue after 2001's The Final Country with Milo Milodragovitch. Sughrue is hired by his best friend, Mac, to find out which of his patients burglarized the patient records in his psychiatric practice. Sudden and unexpected death follows two patients surveilled by Sughrue and a third death points directly to Mac as the murderer. Sughrue's investigation ties into a years old case he pursued for Mac and things go downhill in a typically Crumley manner with violence, scotch, beer, and drug fueled days and nights.

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George said...

Loved THE LAST GOOD KISS but I've found the following Crumley books never reach that level.