Monday, June 5, 2006

Just read: "The Enemy" by Lee Child

Just Read: The Enemy by Lee Child, 2004, 0440241014 (pb)

Popular author, so I figured I'd try one out. Continuing character is Jack Reacher and the novel is set in 1990. Not sure if this is a flashback or if all the novels are set a few years back.

Good story. Child uses uses some short quick sentences to effect pace and impact, like James Ellroy, King of Mysteries.

Reacher is an Army Major MP who works for a special unit that has jurisdiction over any Army facility. A two-star general based in Germany dies of a heart attack in a sleazy North Carolina motel. The general's death starts a chain reaction resulting in three murders. Reacher, the hero, searches for the truth against resistance of his superiors, blah, blah, blah. Not a new concept but really well done.

The settings were interesting. A lot of action takes place on Army bases. Child does a good job showing the differences between civilian and military people and the way they work. The fact that Reacher has the authority to search a room or car on base at any time helps the story; Child does not have to slow down or adjust the pace for warrants and probable cause like in other police procedurals.

Ill try another Reacher novel.

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