Monday, June 19, 2006

Just finished "The Da Vinci Code " by Dan Brown

Just Read Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, 2003, paperback version 1400079179

Whats the big freakin deal?

Maybe I am overly critical due to the massive press over the past three years but this was not a very good book. Code had some decent moments, but when I can figure out whats going to happen, thats a bad sign.

Also, whats with the constant cliff-hangers? Brown way over uses that technique; and when the cliffhangers are consistently lame or overblown the constant repetition is just annoying. That crap with backwards handwriting really ticked me off, if I can figure it out it is automatically lame.

The characters were dull as well. Lopsided grin is about as much info as Brown said about Langdon to give his main character any character. The rest of the time Langdon is spouting off whatever notes Brown wrote down when he his research in preparation for writing.

I'll have to read The Da Vinci Cod to see if that parody is better than the novel. Since the novel dragged on for 500 pages, the parody should have plenty of fodder.

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