Thursday, January 5, 2006

Just Read: "The Eagle's Prey" by Simon Scarrow

Just read The Eagle's Prey by Simon Scarrow

Number four in Scarrow's series on the Roman Legions in Britain. Comparable to Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's novels where the story follows the army's footsoldiers and has two or three gruesomely detailed battles added to the mix.

Good entertainment. I thought it was a little long for what it is. Centurions Macro and Cato are officers in the Roman legion that has recently invaded, and is still subduing, England. After the Legion's botched battle to catch British leader Caratacus the Legion's commanding General is forced by the Emperor's visiting consul to impose harsh punishment. Cato and Macro's Cohort catches the blame after the Senior Centurion's incompetence to defend a river crossing lets Caratacus escape. The punishment? Cohort members are forced to draw lots for a decimation: one man in ten will be beaten to death by his fellow soldiers.

After the decimation lottery includes his friend Cato, Macro enables Cato's night time escape. Cato and his fellow "death row" legionaries escape with only a faint hope of returning to the Legion by helping capture Caratacus.

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