Monday, January 30, 2006

Did not read: "Panzer Aces: German tanks commanders of WWII "by Franz Kurowski

Did not read: Panzer Aces: German tanks commanders of WWII by Franz Kurowski

Panzer Aces covers the WWII careers of six tank commanders. Has some interesting potential but just not for me. I do not have that high of an interest in this topic. Besides, the story is told from the point of view of the soldiers themselves and had this statement, "Fortunately, the general's concerns were unfounded" in reference to a German tank column not getting bombed. Heck, I wanted to hear they were bombed, bombed, and bombed again.

I read several pages of the first profile and man, the French really got clobbered in 1940. I've been reading another book about small arms development and production in WWI and can see the reasons why the Frenchies were so unprepared, but geeze, what a mess that was. Never mind the British running as fast as possible to get back across the Channel and regroup.

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