Thursday, March 28, 2024

Short: FOSTER by Claire Keegan

 Short: FOSTER by Claire Keegan, 2010 and 2022, 9780802160140.

Young girl sent to live with relatives in rural Ireland after the birth of her latest sibling. The girl does all narration.

Girl is from a poorer and larger family than the aunt and uncle she lives with. They are critical of her father as shiftless. Aunt and Uncle are very kind and caring. Girl has an odd adjustment where she expects to be yelled at for different kid mistakes - spilling, being late, talking our of turn - and is not. Her aunt bathes her, brushes her hair, finds her clean and new clothes and says, "There, you just needed some minding."

The kid seems to thrive under the attention. Her own family is big and busy and sounding a bit chaotic. Things happen as the Girl learns the couple's son drowned a few years ago and they are still grieving the loss. 

Well done. Worth your time. Keegan gives a neat child's perspective and without writing in cutesy "child" way. 

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