Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Paperback: "Dead Harvest" by Chris F. Holm

 Paperback: Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm, 2012, 9780857662187.

Fantastic cover art. ran across Holm online and tried this one out. First of a paranormal character solving crime.

Sam Thornton committed murder in 1944 and was taken by a Collector. Sam is now a collector and collects souls of people who are to be killed for their acts of general badness and murder and then sent to hell. (Yeah. It does make you wonder why Dick Cheney, Kissinger, Putin, Kim Jong-Un and several thousand other people would still be alive.)

Sam is sent to collect a teenager who murdered who family. Sam reaches into her chest, grabs her soul, and knows she did not kill anyone. Sam is determined to stop her from collection. Things happen. Sam inhabits living or dead people. Holm builds his own world with rules on collection, demons, angels, etc. 

  • Enjoyable and too long. 
  • The dialog was weak in spots. There was not a lot of differentiation among the characters. 
  • Similar vibe to Charlie Huston's HENRY "HANK" THOMPSON series.
  • Two more in series and they are available from the library. I may give the second one a try but this did not click too well with me. His more recent thrillers sound more interesting to me.

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