Thursday, July 8, 2021

Comic: "Kill or Be Killed: Volume One: by Ed Brubaker, et al

 Comic: Kill or Be Killed: Volume One by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser, 2017, 9781534300286

Dylan is a grad student in his mid-twenties with a history of mental health issues and suicide attempts. One winter night he goes to his NYC apartment building roof. Right when he changes his mind about killing himself he slips off the roof. By chance and luck Dylan survives the fall. By more more bad luck a demon appears to Dylan and says Dylan was supposed to die. Since Dylan survived the demon requires Dylan to kill a person a month for the demon.

Things happen. Dylan best pal is a girl dating Dylan's roommate. Best Pal Girl starts flirting and exing up Dylan. Dylan is quite confused and conflicted about the sexing up. Dylan has visions of the demon. Dylan is getting black market mental health meds from a street dealer. Demon makes Dylan violently ill. Dylans is badly beaten and Demon claims credit. Dylan figures out someone to kill.

This was quite well done. I really liked the artwork and Brubaker told a great story.

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