Thursday, June 20, 2019

Another Tie-In: "Sins of the Father" by Christa Faust

Another Tie-In: Sins of the father: Fringe Series, Book 3 by Christa Faust, 2014, downloaded from Wisconsin Digital Library.

I needed books for a short backpacking trip with Scouts. Rather than hunt down a paperback at home I picked out four novels to load onto my phone. Since I already read Faust's previous two in this series I figured to finish this last entry.

There are three primary characters in the TV show Fringe. Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop, and Olivia Dunham and Faust wrote a novel for each character. All Faust's novels are prequels to the TV series which, I presume, allowed Faust more leeway in creating the stories. This novel follows Peter Bishop immediately before the TV series started.

Fringe's final fifth season ended six years ago in 2013 so I kinda doubt any non-TV-show-viewing-readers will pick up a copy of this. With that said you can read for the story anyway, previous knowledge of the Peter character is not needed. If you're a big Faust fan like me you may just read anything she does anyway. I've never watched Supernatural but I read her tie-in novel of that show.

Anyhoo. Peter needs a lot of money to pay loan sharking debts he owes to a Scotsman. Peter has been running from the debt for a while. He is in Malaysia (Thailand, maybe?) and running a con to steal cash from North Koreans and Chechen terrorists after arranging a fake sale of software between the two.  A shootout ensues and when Peter is escaping he picks up the wrong suitcase and gets zero dough.

Uh-oh. Not good for Peter. But, Peter discovers that the case he ended up with has a vial of serum that was stolen from a research lab in the U.S. The serum is valuable so he may as well try to sell the serum back to the lab.

Things happen as Peter takes a circuitous route back to the U.S. Peter charms men and women as the confidence man he is. Meets up with Good Looking Scientist. Gets into scary situations. Has some sex. Acts altruistically which is NOT his thing. So on. So forth.

It's a fun book. As usual Faust delivers the goods with what I think is some fine writing that transcends the "Let's type this up and cash the check" product some other tie-ins deliver.

1. I had a comment. I know I did. I've now forgotten it.
2. During the campout I used my rainfly-and-tarp method of camping. The tarp extended under the rain fly and caught water during the nighttime rain. My sleeping bag got wet at my feet but I was still fairly comfortable - except for the too-thin sleeping pad. Temperatures were not too low and tucked my feet up. I tried shifting around the tarp but did not want to go out from under the rain tarp to move things around. The rain tarp had sagged over night as well.
3. The rain was on the 2nd night. After the first night I was awake at 4:45AM from the birds who woke with the morning gloaming. With the 1AM night rain I kept waking up from the thin pad that had me turning over. In the morning I was fine and did not feel tired. When I got home I took a Father's Day nap and was out like a light for 2-3 hours.
4. I need to pony up for a better, thicker sleeping pad. I did just get a $37 bivy bag to try out. I can replace my big tarp with the bivy bag but may want a small groundsheet for underneath the pad and bivy. I still need a mosquito net of some sort. Besides, after adding up all that stuff I wonder if there will be a weight advantage over a lightweight solo tent.
EDIT: I just figured out I never read the Supernatural tie-in. We still have it at work, I'll give it a try.

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