Monday, November 26, 2018

Damn It: "Exit Music" by Ian Rankin

Damn It: Exit Music by Ian Rankin, 2006, Wisconsin Digital Library audio download.

I was out walking the dog on Sunday when I decided to finally bail on listening to Double Cross by Macintyre. I was forcing myself to finish the interminable details of scuzzy WWII spies and finished 80% of the book. I stopped to take of photo of the lake and since I had my phone I figured to to just start another book. This Rebus novel was first on the screen so I went with it.

The story was immediately familiar and the familiarity was not back due to Rankin's writing style or Rebus's grouchiness it was because I already heard this fucking book. Damn it. What's worse I never recorded any notes on the damn thing. Double worse is I cannot recall much about this book versus another recent Rebus novel.

A guy is found dead at the bottom of a stairway as winter is starting. He has been beaten to death. Rebus n is a week from retirement as he ans his partner roll to the scene. I think this has Rebus kinda-sorta working with a local gangster. Rebus hates the gangster. Rebus wants the gangster in jail. rebus is waiting for an opportunity to stick the man away for life. The crook, in turn, has no affection for Rebus. The crook feigns happiness and pleasure with Rebus but would prefer Rebus dead.

Rebus's relationship with the crook is questioned as suspicion falls upon Rebus that he may be trading favors with the crook or getting bribes.

OK. That is all I recall. Look it up yourself.

1. That other novel was Standing in Another Man's Grave with Rebus driving all around rural northeast Scotland trying to track a serial killer. I recall quite a bit about that plot.

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