Friday, July 20, 2018

Comic: "Preacher" by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

Comic: Preacher: Book One by Garth Ennis adn Steve Dillon, 2009, 9781401240455.

Compilation of issues 1-12. Very entertaining. The television adaptation differs quite a bit. This is OK because I think the TV version is very good. That means you get two different stories (TV and comic) that have completely different storylines. Unless, of course, issues 13+ are flashbacks covered by the TV show.

Anyhoo. Preacher is a former crook working in a rural Texas church. Preacher gets in a barfight one night and that ends up filling the pews. But, at about that time up in Heaven some lesser angels are having a freakout after a mysterious entity(deity?) named Genesis escaped confinement and flew off. The upper angels are very unhappy. The entity is very dangerous and the lesser angels release the Saint of Killers to track Genesis down. The Saint is killer cowboy.

Hey, it's a comic book. Just roll with it.

Preacher is at the church lectern when Genesis breaks through the door and enters Preacher. Unfortunately this means the entire damn town burns down leaving Preacher the only survivor. Things happen as Preacher has a chance meeting with his ex-girlfriend Petal and Tulip's hitchhiker buddy/vampire named Cassidy.

The three travel looking for God - who quit Heaven and went to earth - and then meeting up with the vicious family of crooks that Preacher escaped from. Anyhoo. There is some fun storytelling with lots of gore, gonzo, and guns.

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