Monday, June 25, 2018

Huh?: "Sisters" by Lily Tuck

Huh? : Sisters by Lily Tuck, 2017, 9781683245711 (large print).

106 page novel I was taking off the New shelf and decided to try out since I like short novels. After finishing the novel I was left with "What the fuck was that?"

Told in small sections with as little as one sentence to two pages at a time and with snatches of conversation. Told thorugh the observations and obsessions of the narrator who is the second wife to a wealthy Wall Streeter.

2nd wife starts the marriage wondering about 1st Wife and what she is like. 2nd Wife becomes obsessive over 1st Wife's personality, marital experience, and general history. 2nd Wife and 1st Wife  only meet a couple times over the years, even though man and 1st wife have two children. 2nd Wife gets along with the children as time goes on. 2nd Wife recalls how she took up with the man not knowing he was still married (I think the narrator was lying there...) and the marriage ends after the man finds out the 2nd wife slept with the teenage son.

Yeah! That was my reaction, "What the fuck?!" Even more weird is that the novel end's with 2nd Wife planning to call up the 1st wife looking to be pals. What?! She commits incestuous rape of the woman's teenage son and expects to be pals?  2nd Wife denies the rape but at this point of the novel we know she is unreliable. We also know she is kinda weird.

Anyhoo. I was left wondering what the hell I just read. Maybe it's a rambling half-confession of a drunk. Or a self-serving narcissist's justification and excusal.

1. Hey, there may have been a mention of Wisconsin. I'm not certain.
2. I just found a NYT review online. Not sure if I will bother reading it.
3. OK. I skimmed the article and the reviewer calls the narrator a stalker. I don't agree with that.

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