Thursday, September 21, 2017

Short Stories: "Public Library" by Ali Smith

Short Stories: Public Library: and other short stories by Ali Smith, 2015, 9781101973042.

I read this a week or two ago and cannot say anything too specific about the stories. Smith wrote this when the UK was in the midst of big budget cuts and local councils were closing and selling off local libraries. She relays stories from friends and fellow writers about their experiences with libraries and how important libraries are to learning, literacy, and personal growth.

The stories themselves are all first person - as I recall - and many seemed autobiographical. i do not know if these were intended as nonfic essays or not. Smith's stories deal with emotions. There are is no action or violence. The narration reminisces about family and friends. Talks about regrets. Compares a happy past to a dreary present.

I enjoyed the book more than average. I was surprised by my enjoyment because I checked the book out thinking, "What the hell, I should read this. After a library pays my living." I'm not one of those library people who visit libraries when on vacation. Or reads about library history.

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