Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Finally: "Round Mountain" by Castle Freeman, Jr.

Finally: Round Mountain by Castle Freeman, Jr., 2012, 0984707824.

I brought no library books on our South Dakota trip and after I finished this novel I barely read much else. I ended up going to sleep or watching movies and TV shows on my tablet.

Scott Phillips once published a book, Rut in 2010, with Concord Free Press. I was lucky enough to get a copy. Concord does paperback runs, gives the books away, and asks that readers pass the book along to more readers. I vaguely remember making a request and receiving this or Rut in the mail.

Short stories set in rural New Hampshire (Vermont?) around Round Mountain. Round Mountain is a land feature not a town. Each story features Homer, small town cop-drinker-father-cuckold, over several decades of the man's life. Most stories are told from Homer's point of view.

Homer at times seems heroic. He works a somewhat thankless job as a small town cop and volunteer firefighter and seeks to do goodworks for people. But, he also sounds like a not so great father and husband. His wife turns out the be a mess of promiscuous trouble and a mentally challenged son seems to get uneven care from the parents.

Each story is a snapshot and shows us Homer from a child to an older man. Homer is fairly solid and steady. He left his hometown for a short while to live in NYC but came back when his father fell ill.

I've not much else to say. I enjoyed the book.

1. If you want the book, ask me and I will mail it. Same for Rut, but I'll have to look around for the copy of Rut.


Todd Mason said...

OK, if no one else has asked, it does sound interesting.

Gerard Saylor said...

Just send me a mailing address.