Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Heard: "Dr. Who and the Space Pirates"

Heard: Dr. Who and the Space Pirates. BBC Audiobooks production, downloaded from

This was fairly awful. The audio volumes were up and down and some dialogue was poorly recorded. The miner character must have had specific directions to "Be as annoying as possible. I want people to wish you dead by the end of the story."  The music would cut back and forth from bippy-boppy music for the comedic parts and a wailing Star Trek-style vocalization for the dramatic bits.

This aired in 1969 according to As the wikia says this is mainly a western set in space. The Doctor and his companions Jamie and Zoe land the Tardis on beacon in outer space. Several beacons in that part of deep space have been stolen by pirates who want the make-believe-bullshit-space-mineral-of-huge-value used on the beacon.

The Space Pirates are being pursued by the Space Corps (police). The Corps has a handful of cops guarding the station. The cops spot the Who-ians and give chase at the same time the Pirates are cutting the beacon apart to take the pieces to their headquarters.

Aw, hell, the plot doesn't matter. The Doctor and friends get in trouble. The bad guys are mostly boring. The miner character is highly annoying. The woman-character-in-league-with-Pirates is kinda clueless.

Skip the whole damn thing unless you are the hardest of the hard core Who fan.

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