Monday, December 19, 2016

Done: "Jack Wakes Up" by Seth Harwood

Done: Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood, 2008, 9780307454355.

Jack Palms was in a big hit movie about four years ago. Then Jack went boozing, went on heroin, had a rotten marriage, and exiled himself to San Francisco. For the past two years Jack's only vice has been a daily cigarette and a regular exercise schedule. But, Jack's one-hit-wonder status doesn't bring him any cash. The bank is close to foreclosing on his house in Sausalito and Palms has no dough.

Palms wheeler dealer pal Ralph calls with an offer. Ralph is trying to negotiate a big drug buy for out-of-towners and offers a few grand to Palms if Palms can flash his movie star teeth and show the buyers a night on the town. So, Palms takes the offer.

Things happen. The out of towners are Czech and looking to buy cocaine, drink booze, and go to strip clubs. Palms goes to see Ralph the next day and Ralph is dead. Palms is upset. Palms tries to figure out who killed Ralph and also take over Ralph's drug trafficker consultant job.

Bad guys show up with guns. Bad guns show up with fists. Palms is out of his house for the first time in two years. Palms is playing the part of a tough guy and getting the same rush and enjoyment he used to get out of film acting. Palms loves his 1966 Ford Mustang GT fastback "K-code". Palms starts doing the sexy sexy sex with a lady bartender. Palms and the Czechs hit the town and look to deal. Palms and Co. get in gunfights and win the day.

Comments, Gripes and Spoilers:
1. This was an OK novel but I forced myself to finish. I realized halfway through my reading that I did not really care what happened to any characters. The most compelling part for me was that the sex lady bartender was playing with Ralph on behalf of Ralph's opponent. Ralph was really enjoying his time with Lady Bartender and thinking about her a lot. Then she pulls a gun on him and demands the cash payout he gets from the Czechs. Palms cannot quite believe she was faking everything in their brief affair and it takes him some time to understand he was tricked.
2. Something about ex-KGB and other ex-KGB getting all ex-KGB angry about ex-KGB. Meh. Not needed.
3. Ford Mustang love.
4. San Francisco street geography love.
5. Something else I forgot.
6. The library has 2013's Young Junius. I may try that one. One of the characters in here was named Junius so I assume there is a connection.
7. Jack Wakes Up circ'ed 9 times. Young Junius has been out 3.
8. There is a 2013 title I may try instead, In Broad Daylight. That one is at Watertown P.L.

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