Saturday, October 15, 2016

Audio: "Gone Tomorrow" by Lee Child

Audio: Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child, 2009, download.

The usual Jack Reacher novel with:
- bad guys
- a woman in peril
- Reacher working with and against the police
- Reacher having sex with a lady cop
- Reacher is ruthless
- Reacher being questioned about his hobo lifestyle
- Military Police vs. Special Forces

Anyhoo. Reacher is on an early morning subway ride after visiting a jazz club. Reacher has still memorized the Israeli guidelines to spot terrorist suicide bombers. One of the women on his subway car is sending up red flags. Reacher approaches her, says he is a cop, expects to get blown up at any second, woman kills herself with a .357 round.

Reacher is questioned by police. Reacher is questioned by FBI. Reacher questioned by anonymous suits outside the police precinct. Reacher is curious. Reacher starts asking around.

Many things happen. It's all the usual Lee Child stuff where Child writes a damn good story and plots things out very well. Reacher makes educated guesses, makes a few mistakes, and the whole plot unravels.

1. Steyr GB? Again? Really, again? Info.
2. This book's bad guys includes bad women.

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