Monday, September 26, 2016

Heard A Bit Ago: "The Gods of War" Conn Iggulden

Heard A Bit Ago: The Gods of War by Conn Iggulden, 2011, download.

I completed this a couple weeks ago. I think. I've not much to say about the book. The novel is entertaining but does not leave a lasting impact. Part of that is I do not know what is historically accurate and what is drama.

The basic story is correct: Caesar chased Pompey. Caesar defeated Pompey. Caesar went to Egypt. Caesar and Cleopatra had a child. Caesar went back to Rome and was stabbed to death. I just don't know what else was added on or what order was changed to fit the novel's plot. This is all fine with me - it's a novel not a history. It's just that I have to remember that a fair portion of the story is baloney compared to history.

Anyhoo. Caesar loves himself and thinks he always deserves more. He is always looking for new challenges and wars to fight. His men love him and follow along. Except for Brutus. Brutus is equally cruel and self loving and joins forces with Pompey when Brutus thinks Caesar does not adequately appreciate and compensate Brutus for his talents. After Pompey's defeat Caesar forgives Brutus and Brutus rejoins the Legion.

Caesar and Co. track Pompey to Egypt. Pompey is killed by the Egyptians. Caesar gets angry. Caesar shags Cleopatra and kills her brother King. Caesar goes back to Rome and becomes Emperor. Senators get fed up with Caesar and slice and dice Caesar.

1. For me the best part of the books in this series in comparing ancient political maneuverings and decisions to today's politics. Politicians and leaders have to appease fickle masses. Politicians and leaders also have to lie and deceive fickle masses and create crises to stay in charge.
2. Another part: xenophobia and colonialism. The Romans are assholes.

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