Thursday, August 4, 2016

Done: "City of Heretics" by Heath Lowrance

Done: City of Heretics by Heath Lowrance, 2012, 9781484022962.

I collected about 30 books before going to Scout Camp for the week. I winnowed those titles down to about 20. This novel did not make the cut. Lowrance was in some discussion on the facebook and I remembered I had his book sitting in my house. So I read it.

I was disappointed at first. This starts as standard crime stuff with an ex-con pushing 50 and out for revenge. But, Lowrance was telling the story well and I stayed with it. Then the plot veered into conspiracy and crazy church people and I started digging it.

Crowe has finished his 7 year prison term and is almost 50 years old. He is back in Memphis and looking to kill a his former best pal and the local crime lord who sent a hit man after Crowe in prison. But, Crowe has to get his feet back under him. When Crime Lord offers Crowe a job Crowe takes it to take the money. The job? Crime Lord wants Crowe to kill the serial killer responsible for the murder of Crime Lord's wife. Or, even better, break Serial Killer out of jail so Crime Lord can kill Serial Killer.

Things take a another turn when mysterious and dangerous dudes ambush Serial Killer's prison transfer and shoot up Crowe at the same time. Crowe hunts for the bad guys, plans to kill Crime Lord, sees plenty of meanness and cruelty, so on, so forth.

I enjoyed it. The book is worth your time if you like very anti anti-heroes. Crowe is a dick. He is not sociopath but other people just don't matter to him.  Before prison Crowe was a goon for the Memphis mob. He ended up in prison because one of his usual beat-people-to-hell jobs went over the top and someone died. That's not even including Crowe's occasional murders for hire.

1. Oh. Hey, I just looked up Lowrance's other books and realized I have Axeman of Storyville on my Kindle. I have not read the novel yet, I picked it up when it was a daily deal.

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