Thursday, March 31, 2016

Read: "Fate of the Union" by Max Allan Collins and Matthew V. Clemens

Read: Fate of the Union by Max Allan Collins and Matthew V. Clemens

Second book in the series with retired Secret Service Agent Joe Reeder. Joe Reeder is a well know hero after once saving the President and then stopping a murder plot against the Supreme Court in Supreme Justice.

Reeder gets a voice mail from a former colleague and the colleague ends up a suicide in a DC area motel. Reeder gets suspicious, his pal was not suicidal. At the same time Reeder is called in by a friend to consult with the FBI on a possible serial killer. The two cases converge and politics are involved along with super wealth, assassins, conspiracies, and more.

Reeder is wooed by a possible Presidential contender. Contender is a Warren Buffet style guy: folksy, self-deprecating, modest house, modest life. Reeder admires Contender is invited to a rally Contender is hosting. Reeder and FBI Friend are seated on stage behind Contender and Reeder acts fast to stop a shooter from killing Contender.

Well, what a coincidence. Mr. Saves-Everyone-Reeder happened to be on hand when Contender is being shot at. Contender gets mucho publicity and more popularity. Reeder and FBI Friend keep investigating the serial killings and find links to Contender.

Spoiler Alert:                        

Contender is a bad guy and was having witnesses to Contender's bad-guy-stuff killed. I cannot recall why exactly, I read the book a month ago and am only now getting back to typing this up. Something to do with money? Contender being two faced? I'm not sure.

1. I think I could tell where Clemens wrote some parts and Collins the others.

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