Monday, July 13, 2015

Finished: Reborn: a Dead Man adventure by Goldberg, et al

Finished: Reborn: a Dead Man adventure by Kate Danley, Phoef Sutton, Lisa Klink, Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, 2014, 9781477823569.

This is a full Dead Man novel, not a novella or compilation.  Different sections are not listed under one author so I can't tell who wrote what part. I'm still waiting for Klink to write something I don't enjoy so I can snark up my typing with "Klink Goes Clunk".

A Byzantine ship crewed by slaves and occupied by Moloch-worshipping lords sinks in a massive storm. Present-day marine archaeologist finds the ship perfectly preserved on the floor of the Black Sea. Marine Archaeologist raises the Byzantine ship to take back to Seattle. The ship is spooky and crew members on the recovery ship start dying.

Back in Dallas, Tanis is a somewhat shiftless 26-year-old barista and half-assed community college student. Years ago Tanis's father abandone the family and Tanis lives, and fights, with her mom and worships her brother, Brett.  Tanis quits her job after a one too many bad customers and her mother tells her to move out. Tanis drives off in a huff, her truck speeds out of control, she drives through a freeway guardrail and dies in the crash.

When Tanis awakes she is in a steel box, bangs on the sides, and is pulled out of a morgue refrigerator. Then, of course, Tanis starts seeing dead people. Tanis sees a psychiatrist. Tanis starts a blog to deal with seeing so many rotting people. Matt Cahill shows up and says "Hey there, want to join up with the dead-people-seeing-and destroying crew?" Tanis says, "FU." Tanis is in the middle of bank robbery carried out by dead people, she is rescued by Cahill. Tanis has enough and runs off to Mexico for booze and sex with her psychiatrist. Psychiatrist is actually Mr. Dark. Yeeach. Tanis looks for Matt Cahill.

The two story lines combine with Tanis joining Cahill and some "freaks" we learned about earlier in the series. They are looking for the laboratory derived virus that leaves people immune to Mr. Dark's touch. They also have to stop the Byzantine ship from spreading evil and, then, awakening Moloch.

Heads are chopped off. Arms are chopped off. Throats are cut. Spines are severed. Heads are smashed. Impalements. Blood spray. Chainsaws, knives, sticks, hammes, and an ax. Sex on the beach. Weird green light. Dead children. A trip back to the Black Sea. Quick read, fun entertainment.

1. This was announced 18 months ago and see no other Dead Man titles since. I have not looked to if Goldberg and Rabkin have quit the series or taken a break.
2. Never done through Cahill's eyes. This was all Tanis and Marine Archeologist.
3. Tanis dies and then comes back to life,again and reappears to rescue Matt Cahill.
4. Cahill has an ax. Tanis has a hammer.

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