Thursday, June 18, 2015

1 of 400: "Redemption, Kansas" by James Reasoner

1 of 400: Redemption, Kansas by James Reasoner, 2011, 9780425240106.

I've read six or so other Reasoner novels. Only 393 more to go.

This has a great three page Prologue introducing is to a corrupt and deadly Sheriff and his Deputy. A baker in Redemption, KS refuses to pay protection extortion to the Deputy and goes to complain to the Sheriff. Sheriff, Deputy and Baker walk back to the bakery and the sheriff draws and blasts the baker in the back.

Bill Harvey is night riding the herd close to Redemption, KS. His Texas based crew is almost to Dodge City after a long trip from South Texas. Harvey is slowly riding along when he sees a long haired rustler beside the herd. The rustler fires a shot setting the cattle into stampede. Harvey gets to the lead bulls, turns the herd, but his leg is badly injured when a bull charges his horse.

Harvey's crew take him into nearby Redemption. The town refuse has refused entry to Texans ever since a group of angry cowboys rampaged through town. The town has no doctor anyway and the Sheriff is about to evict the angry Harvey when pretty and young Eden says she'll take Harvey in.

Eden's mercantile owning father is a grouch. Eden is very pretty. Harvey is laid up. The Deputy is dastardly. Harvey starts to learn about town and how their have been mysterious killings as Sheriff and Deputy kill off the resisters to bleed the rest of the town.

Harvey is the only one to step-up against the bad guys. Things happen. Guns are shot. Horses run. Wagons crash. Rustlers come to town.

1. It's a Reasoner novel so you know it's worth your time.
2. I don't like the lovey-dovey parts.